About Us

Revolutionizing the social media marketing industry through Artificial Intelligence!

Our purpose

In social media “content is king” but “consistency is the queen”.

Content creation and posting daily can be such a challenge especially for small businesses. Most don’t have the 6-10 hrs per week to do it themselves or the budget to outsource it.

We created AIMI, short for the Artificial Intelligence Marketing Interface, to solve the social media content creation challenges most small businesses experience.

By using AI to take the guesswork out of content creation to stay consistent on social media, we help business build their brands, engage with their customers, and ultimately increase sales.

Our history

Since the launch of PreBuilt Marketing AI in 2018, we have been a trailblazing company in the emerging AI content creation space. Our first version of AIMI created individual social media marketing campaigns. She created over 1,000,000 posts for our customers and scheduled over 250,000 to Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

In late 2019, we decided to take all we had learned and build the next generation of AIMI. In January of 2021, AIMIsocial launched our mobile app on the Apple app and Google Play stores. In July 2021, we launched our desktop version.

AIMIsocial is the world’s first (AI) app for businesses that writes, designs, creates, and schedules every post for your entire month’s social media calendar in seconds.

Our AI social media automation platform allows businesses to leverage multiple AI algorithms and machine learning processes to automatically create social media content and marketing strategies for their business, teams, or clients every month.